Commercial Cleaning Services

Conservatories & Conservatory Roof's, Gutters & Facias Cleaned safely

Tony Woodburn Window Cleaning Services now provides new professional services to his customers, offering the same friendly professional service he has always done. We are now offering the following professional services. Gutter cleaning with SkyVac Systems, safe roof cleaning with SkyVac Systems and conservatory and conservatory roof cleaning with Ionics SoftWash Systems. See below for more information.
Give Tony a call today for more information on all of our Professional Services on 07900 354418 or email him direct here.

We also supply a domestic window cleaning services in parts of Barrow in Furness, please get in touch through our contact page to see if we work in your area

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SoftWash Cleaning Services. Due to high demand we are only offering power washing and soft washing to our regular window cleaning customers at the moment

We offer a professional SoftWash service cleaning facias, conservatories and conservatory roofs. A touchless system meaning we spray a foam from a portable unit containing a Biocide and other ingredients onto the area with a controlled spray so only the areas needed get covered. After the foam has done its job it is then rinsed off leaving the areas shiny clean.

Quality Systems

The SoftWash System by Ionics gives us the opportunity to offer a quality cleaning method for your property. Using a controlled foam spray allows us to spray where needed up to 25ft high without the need to climb on roofs and risking breakages.

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Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

We offer a professional gutter cleaning service using the new SkyVac Systems, portable machines with high suction that remove all the debris from your gutters safely. The equipment we use has the ability to remove all debris from your gutters leaving the water to go where it should and not damaging your property

Camera Aided Systems

Our new SkyVac Systen from Spinaclean uses a camera system so we can see when we have got all the debris from your gutters.

Hard To Reach Guttering

Our SkyVac System we use for our gutter cleaning allows us to reach gutters above conservatories, porches and extensions without having to climb on roofs or put ladders in dangerous situations. You can ensure we can get to all of your gutters and clean with ease with the camera aided SkyVac System.
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Professional Roof Cleaning Services

We offer a professional gutter cleaning service using the new SkyVac Systems, portable machines with high suction that remove all the debris from your gutters safely.

Tile Specific Scrapers

The SkyVac Roof Cleaning equipment uses specially designed scrapers and a Biocide after to clean your roof, the Biocide continues to treat the roof for up to two months and helps protect it from moss for up to two years.

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Health & Safety

When on site we think health and safety first and formost looking after our customers and the general public.

Risk Assesments

We carry out risk assesments where applicable and if required, areas can be taped off to protect the general public while areas are being worked on. We use as standard practice, cones warning of wet floors and trailing hoses and other required signage.

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